Thursday, January 15, 2009

Speaking of awesome cover art...

Gotta get my two cents in here, but on book covers rather than albums:

The publisher's (Dream Garden Press) description:

The prelude to Abbey's final novel, Hayduke Lives!, this new hardcover edition of Edward Abbey's classic includes the previously deleted chapter "Seldom Seen at Home" and features the extraordinary artistic vision of Robert Crumb. With this book, Abbey's reputation as social gadfly and maverick was indelibly forged. The characters are loose again, and the defenders of the faith better get ready! Complete with photos of Abbey and Crumb in Arches National Park and more than fifty illustrations by legendary sixties underground comix illustrator and Americon icon, R. Crumb. The Monkey Wrench Gang is a "must" for Abbey afficionados! With 12 full page illustrations and over 30 chapter head illustrations by R. Crumb.

This book was basically unavailable for the last few years but is back in circulation. Crumb's illustrations are an outstanding counterpart to the novel.

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