Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Issue of WilderPress! scheduled for 2nd Week in Feb.

   The final details with the herald have been hammered out and the first issues of WilderPress! is scheduled to be out the second Friday of February. Thanks to some much appreciated local support the publication will be stocked at Maria's Bookstore, and Durango Natural Foods. I have to also thank those who kindly contributed their thoughts and feelings about the environment. We received some great submissions and look forward to the next issue already. In addition to the publication we have also set up a blog site to follow up on articles and keep track of environmental issues across the globe including stories of direct action, and pressing articles that don't make their way into the publication. Feel free to check the site out at www.wilderpress.blogspot.com/  Be sure to check out the link to Capitol Climate Action scheduled for March 2009. This is a collaboration of many organizations, and individuals who are descending upon the Capitol to protest the large coal fired power plant in Washington D.C. that powers Congress with the very energy system we must not let become the new crutch of industrial civilization. A push for a more sustainable future must continue, and we must ensure that Congress is continually pressured to act on global climate change, as well as pressing national environmental issues. A great place to begin would be a sustainable Capitol.

    Please continue to contribute to WilderPress! and the greater environmental struggle in general. Times are changing, and the hour is upon us. We must make the changes necessary to ensure a future livable world for ourselves, future generations, and the natural world itself. Part of this change must surely come from rebuilding our sense of community, and coming together to stand up against a system that is failing people and the environment. Thank you again to those wild folks who have contributed their time to our efforts.


Stay Wild. Stay Free.


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