Thursday, January 29, 2009

Social Networking via the web

The phenom known as Facebook has reared its ugly-ass addicting head to just about everyone. And as great as it is to have a place where you can post pictures of yourself, your children, and your various activities/hobbies/vacation/drunken passed out photos, its really taking the mystery out of wondering what happened to your old friends, and worse yet, informing you how little in common you now have with some of your closest high school friends.
Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled to have tracked down the girl I lost my virginity too. But less thrilled to see that she looks way better than she did when we were 16, and is now a lesbian. Did I cause that?
Then there is that other girl, who was unbelievably hot in high school. Guess what, she's hotter now. But does her facebook page really say she is "Christian Conservative?" And a member of "One Thousand Moms Against Barak?" Eesh. I guess she won't be asking me for pot anytime soon.
This guys fat, this guys lost all his hair. Mike still only listens to heavy metal (at age 40), and this person is now a cop.
These two got married, this persons divorced, this person finally came out of the closet (guess what? we knew in 1985.)
The internet is directly responsible for the world getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller.
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