Monday, October 27, 2008

Scoot'in blues

Ah, not quite the end of the fall. Running out of gas. The trees exhausted, the mountains giving everyone the cold shoulder. I'm out in the yard putting the year away: Raking, cutting weeds, getting a pile of limbs together for burning on the 5th of November. The irrigation system is blown, the pump disconnected and put in the barn. I've even taken the battery out of the lawn mower!

But my scooter, oh, not yet. Not yet by long shot. A jacket, gloves, and it's a wrap. Riding down the rural roads, taking it all in. The days may be getting shorter but I'm get great mileage out of the this long and luxurious fall. I can winterize all winter. Shiver and live with the government we deserve. Right now I vote for the fall.
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