Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I've lived outside of the Durango city limits since 2002, and upon moving back into the city limits, on the southside, i've re-discovered my love affair with the beloved alley. I'm sure Durango's alleys are just like any other alley in other parts of the world (minus vermin found in many city alleys) and to some other alley lovers in a place like Armstrong Iowa or Dunmore Pennsylvania it may just be another alley, but hell, these are our alleys.

So when I walk into town (zig-zagging usually, in a Northwest direction from 7th Ave and 1st St) either solo, or with a 5 year old perched on my shoulders, or walking a half pace behind holding my hand, I hit the alleys. I'll usually always find some new dilapidated shed from the late 19th century, a funky alley house, some random pile of trash, or even a coffee table, nice enough to attempt to carry home, but not nice enough to lose my buzz over. The alley, containing secrets, artifacts, and trash older than the 5 year old, older than this 39 year old.

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