Monday, October 27, 2008

Salazar & Udall Visit Ridgway

There was a lot of excitement when John Salazar and Mark Udall's campaign tour bus pulled into the parking lot at Priscilla's Cimarron Books & Coffeehouse in Ridgway Oct. 23. The place was packed, standing room only. Everyone had come to hear the two candidates, particularly Mark who was good friends with the incredible George Gardner, who just passed in a climbing accident this year. His loss, like that of Brian Peters, who died in an accident several months ago, hit the Ridgway community hard.

But before that, after some initial introductions to State Rep.-elect Noelle Hagan (58th district) and Ouray County Commissioner-elect Lynn Padgett, John called me to back of the bookstore and proceeded to carry on -- about me, my work as a leader on the Western Slope, and how I'd taken on Club 20 because they'd stopped representing progressives and how we needed to reform that group and make it more accountable to the electorate. The crowd loved us all.

Ouray County may still be ruled by Republicans, but Ridgway is as solidly Democratic as Telluride.

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