Thursday, February 26, 2009

Speak your mind next week about "Lake Nightmare"

This reminder from the San Juan Citizens Alliance:
Please save the date on your calendars for March 5th to provide input to the Animas La Plata Water Conservancy District (ALPWCD) regarding the design and development of recreation facilities on Lake Nighthorse. This is your opportunity to share your interests, concerns, and vision for the future.

This meeting will be held THURSDAY, MARCH 5TH, (5:30 -9:30 PM) at the DURANGO PUBLIC LIBRARY.

As you may already know, State Parks has formally declined to take over the operation of the reservoir. While there are no federal project dollars to complete the design and/or build out of the recreation facilities (except for the boat ramp), the ALPWCD would like to get input from the public to guide the development of these facilities.

The tentative agenda includes: an overview on the history of the effort (related to recreation) and where it stands today, an overview of the EIS as related to recreation, a panel discussion of project sponsors on their views and perspectives, a break out for small groups of attendees to discuss their thoughts on the topic, and lastly an opportunity to discuss potential next steps.

Key questions and points for consideration:

Who should manage the recreation? It can be anybody - public or private entity (although public is more typical), or a partnership of both.

What type of recreation should be allowed?

The funds associated with the boat ramp may or MAY NOT require the use of motorized boats on the lake as a stipulation of using the funds. Additionally, although the APLWCD is aware they will need a boat washing station to address the aquatic invasive species risk, it has not been discussed in detail or in relation to where the proposed boat ramp will go (as an aside, they plan on beginning construction of the ramp within the next month).

Could/should it be closed to recreation?

What are some short and long-term steps that could be taken?

What could be the vision for recreation at the new Lake Nighthorse?

What are your concerns about recreation at Lake Nighthorse?

What do you believe are the opportunities for recreation at Lake Nighthorse?

Should the development of the recreation facilities be phased? (As opposed to full build out from the start)

For more information, contact:

Meghan L. Maloney
Phone: (970) 259-3583
Fax: (970) 259-8303

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