Thursday, November 20, 2008

questions from a 5 year old

My daughter as of late has been firing off questions only like a child can. Lots of them. So many that I haven't had time to write all of them down, which is a shame because I for the life of me can't remember the best ones. But I'm sure there's more coming from this 5 year old that already thinks she has all the answers. But if she has all the answers, why all the questions? Maybe that question is for Monkeywrench Dad.
Here are some good ones....

When you put in a DVD, how does it know where to find the show?

When are you going to get "real" TV, you know, with channels?

How does a camera work?

Why are we walking through the alley?

When can you get me a turtle?

What does "combination" mean?

Why don't people like John McCain?

Why don't people like Barack Obama?

Have you gotten TV yet?

How does the radio know where to go?

What's reliable?

What's a moron?

Anybody that wants to fill in this answers is more than welcome to, I'll relay the information.
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