Thursday, April 1, 2010

My new organization that's going to change the world!

Today I am stoked to announce the launching of a new venture, STARFEET COMMAND.

It is, like everything else in my life, a not-for-profit venture.

Starting this group has been a dream of mine for a long, long time, going back to when I was kid and would sport home-made Star Trek uniforms for camping trips with my family. They never really got it -- although to their credit they never sought outside help -- but I knew even then that I was onto something.

Bringing Star Trek home.

Boldly Go -- yes. But the real trick is, Boldly Go at Home. Especially when your starship is a 1993 Ford Explorer.

The mission of Starfeet Command is pursue the adventuresome, curious, compassionate, valorous, and often studly values of Star Trek and live them here and now, where ever we are, whatever we do. It is based on the following principles:
  • Star Trek is the only truly positive vision of the future being offered out there: That notion that not only can we handle technology, but it can actually enrich us and our world and our lives, if we use it that way. Star Trek says that we can embrace the great Mystery of the Universe (which science now says is actually more of a polyverse, like Star Trek always said) if we choose to do so.
  • We can choose to do so by choosing to live lives -- and evolve a society and culture -- based on the conscience of Starfleet and the Federation of Planets in Star Trek: As explorers rather than exploiters.
  • And that exploring is absolutely subservient to the Prime Directive -- non-interference with natural evolution of anyone and anything. That, I argue, is sort of the 23rd century version of "Earth First!" applied to all beings across the great intergalactic wilderness.
  • And that is because in Star Trek, whether you're talking about Starfleet as an organization or the characters as individuals, the style is the message. The how is the point.
I and choose to "how" like Captain James T. Kirk -- kicking alien ass and taking names and chasing green-skinned lovelies around galaxy. That's the style; only I do it with a raft, some skis, a backpack, and often barefeet, with my kids and wife and friends and neighbors as crew.

But nonetheless, boldly going where we are and have often been. 

Interested? Learn more here.  

Oh, and ... April Fools! (sort of ...)

Captain out.
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