Monday, February 8, 2010

How the other half lives ... during a blizzard

What do them East Coasters do when they get hit with a Rocky Mountain-quality snow storm?

Check out below the results of the "historic" snowfall this past weekend on the mid-Atlantic states, and these guys out reveling in it. Former Durangoan Todd Thompson sent along this video of him and some of his new buddies from Virginia keeping alive his adventurous Colorado spirit in the face of the biggest blizzard to hit the region ... well, like, ever.

These guys start out checking out the shut-down city, then head to a marina on the Potomac River, where they motor out in the snow-laden craft to check out the icy river in its winter glory. (Sure, it's a nice big powerboat this crew goes exploring in ... but it's then explorer's spirit that counts, right?)

(Also check out the nice remix of Boston's "More than a Feeling" used as a soundtrack.)

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