Friday, March 6, 2009

Utah grows up!

This from the blog Beer at 6512:

Utah parties like it's 1933

"The Utah House voted 58-2 on Tuesday [March 3] to allow the sale of full-strength draft beer in bars and restaurants, taking a significant step toward eliminating one of the major complaints about Utah's quirky liquor laws," The Associated Press reports.

A good day's work, I say. This isn't the place for a full-blown rant about theocracy and America's last prohibitionist state, but suffice it to say, this is positive news for lovers of craft beer. I scratched my head at this tidbit from the AP article:

"Utah is also the only state that prohibits bartenders from serving cocktails directly over the counter at restaurant bars. A partition usually made of glass known as a Zion Curtain separates the two."


Almost makes one wanna run over there and have a few for spring break ...

Check out Beer at 6512 here.
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