Monday, December 22, 2008

monkey wrenching with a paddle?!

Funny that right as I posted this blog I noticed that B.Frank had posted a similar blog just minutes before. So I have made some changes but it seems that the word is out and the feeling is rising high in the air, and amongst the hearts of four corners enthusiasts. Despite the previous blog I feel as though I need to extend a heart felt salute, and humble bow to Tim DeChristopher, a student from the University of Utah, who took it upon himself to actively disrupt bush's attempt to auction off the Utah wilderness. As many of you may well know over 150,000 acres of sacred red rock country was put on the chopping block this past Friday when the bush administration, walking hand in hand with the BLM, decided to auction off the chosen parcels of land to oil and gas companies for exploitation. Infuriated by the potential sales environmental groups, like the Southern Utah Wilderness, filed a lawsuit to try and stop the BLM from the potential leasing of the sensitive red rock areas. Unfortunately, the lawsuit ended, rather weakly in my opinion, with a deal being struck that allowed the BLM to continue with the auction save a handful of "the most contested portions of land" which will go before a federal judge within the next month.
Hopefully these direct actions will help put a damper on these atrocities and raise the question of what we truly stand to lose by destroying these lands.

My hat goes off to you Tim. There is something to be said for acting on an ethical whim-for seeing a situation to make a difference and taking the chance. I only hope that more action will be taken in the months to come to defend these wild places, and that the upcoming administration will do its part to protect wild lands for future generations. I know I'll do my part-how will you choose to act? Check out the video in the blog below or at

Keep to the low and wild places!
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