Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here we go ... somewhere, as long as it's about HERE!

The definition of an “almanac” is (roughly) “a reference book of useful and interesting facts.” In the San Juan Almanac blog, we will define “interesting” and “useful” broadly. “Book,” too, for that matter. And, hell, “reference” as well. Because we're those kinds of people.

And “things”? Well, we’ll see what evolves -- as long as it relates to the San Juan Country of southwestern Colorado. And taking that broadly, too -- including northwestern New Mexico, northeastern Arizona, and southwestern Utah – since on the ground, the San Juan Mountains and its rivers don’t seem to care much about staying in those straight-line arbitrary and artificial boundaries. Because it's that kind of place.

So there's more to come. I assure you: News, opinion, personal experience, point of view, poetry, photography, odds and ends, San Juan erratica, etcetera.

Because there’s a lot of good stuff here in the San Juan Country. It's that kind of place.

And you'll soon find lots of it posted here. Because it'll be a San Juan Mountain kinda' blog.